Standard equipment

  • Rigid heavy duty construction, with separate table totally independent from the motion system
  • Table fully made from stainless steel AISI 304
  • Work load of the table up to 500kg/m2
  • Capable for under water cutting
  • Transmission systems through high accuracy rack and pinions
  • Motion control with latest technology AC servo motors and planetary gearboxes
  • PC-based CNC controller, Burny Dagger by Lincoln Electric
  • Built-in diagnostics for the entire system
  • KMT intensifiers
  • KMT cutting stations with integrated high precision garnet metering systems
  • Garnet feeding systems with up to 1000kg capacity


  • Effective cutting length: 2000 – 6000mm
  • Effective cutting width: 2000mm
  • Accuracy: ˂ ±0.15mm/m
  • Repeatability: < ±0.10mm
  • Movement Speed: 0.1 – 25m/min

Contact us

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Fax: 0030 22620 57185
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