Compact Rotation


Stepless 360 degree rotation of all tools up to 105 mm diameter using brushless DC motors and pneumatic indexing of Revotools. The 7-way Revotool was especially constructed for this model. In addition to 6 tools with a diameter of 16 mm each, with a slitting tool of 5 x 30 mm it is possible to punch nearly every contour, allowing complete processing of the sheet without changing tools.


More components of the Compact

  • An L-sheet is provided with all machines for working very small pieces and pre-bent parts. (Standard)
  • The automatic tool lubrication serves to increase tool life when nibbling stainless steel (VA) and decreases edge burrs in aluminium
  • Repositioning up to 10 meters and clamp movement without contacting the sheet. 2 robust clamps for sheets up to 200 kg (expandable to 4 clamps). Standard capacitiy up to 7 mm or 12,7 mm when required. (Standard)
  • Sandblasted, corrosion resistant surface as standard. Balls in the table for heavier sheets and easy handling, brushes in the table for thin or scratch sensitive sheets are also available.
  • Vacuum slug removal
  • CNC/CAD software to import DXF-files into machine language, calculated punch time, graphic simulation
  • Nibbling up to 800 strokes / min with integrated oil cooling
  • Programmable repositioning of the clamps for faster set up of the machine.
  • Tapping and drilling attachment for threads M3 up to M12 and smaller drilled holes in thicker sheets.
  • Marking apparatus for marking parts in 10 different fonts.


Working area
Compact 750x2000 1 810 x 2080 mm
Compact 1000x2000 1060 x 2080 mm
Compact 1250x2000 1310 x 2080 mm

Max. sheet thickness 12,7 mm clamp opening / Revotool 6 mm 2
Max. sheet length 9999 mm by repositioning
Max. hydraulic punching power 280 kN (optional 400 kN)
Max. workpiece weight 200 kg

Max. positioning speed
X- axes 60 m/min
Max. positioning speed
Y- axes 30 m/min
simultaneous X & Y 67 m/min
Max. strokes standard hydraulic 250 strokes/min
Max. strokes fast hydraulic 800 strokes/min

Trumpf tooling system
Max. punching diameter 105 mm or any shape
within 105 mm
Revotool 4 / 6 / 7 & 8 stations
Time of tool changing 2-4 sec. Revotool
15 sec. manual

Axes accuracy during punching process
Positioning difference + - 0,10 mm
Repeatability + - 0,03 mm

Space requirement and weights
Compact 750x2000 4050 x 4000 x 2110 mm weight 7400 kg
Compact 1000x2000 4050 x 4500 x 2110 mm weight 9200 kg
Compact 1250x2000 4050 x 5000 x 2110 mm weight 10500 kg
Electrical Values standard hydr. / fast hydr.
Electrical connecting value 20 / 25 kVA
Hydraulic motor 4,8 / 11 kW
Electrical consumption 2 mm sheet thickness
continuous operation 4,9 / 7,7 kW/h
Electrical consumption 4 mm sheet thickness
continuous operation 5,4 / 8,75 kW/h
Required fuse 3 x 25 A / 3 x 35 A
Pneumatic connecting value min. 4 bar
Hydraulic oil 115 / 160 litre





 Milling unit 


Drilling and thread cutting unit


 Automatic Clamps Positioning


 Roboter Loading

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